Wet bags -Buy 3 @ 999- Single zipper
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CDS  our very own “ Wetbags” crafted with care &  made ‘in house', keeping your TRAVEL NEEDS in  mind.
We offer you a choice of double zipper and single zipper wet bags, for babies on the go. Puts an end to messing around with too many bags for all your diapering needs, while you travel.
The double zipper has 2 convenient compartments- one to hold baby’s fresh; dry ‘ready-to - wear’ diapers and the 2 nd compartment, holds the used and
soiled diapers. And don’t you worry, CDS promises that the fresh ones remain fresh and will NOT catch neither the odour nor the dampness from the soiled
ones.- it’s our promise to your baby.As for the single zipper, throw in that huge stash of your family’s wet clothes while on a travel.
And did we hear you say, that you are done with diapering? Well, our wet bags are versatile as ever. Use them to stash away your Active wear- be they your swim suit or your Gym or sports wear. An yes, our wet bags slip into yourhand bags pretty easily and do not leave any odour behind in your hand bags or Work bag.