All Purpose Bags - Pack of 3
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All purpose Cotton Bags  

These Beautiful unbleached cotton Potli Bags can be used for variety of purposes. 

* Does your Fridge looks cluttered with all Veggies dumped in the Vegetables box? Organise your fridge, Sort and store your vegetables/ Fruits 

* Do you keep seraching  for the one lost puzzle or the few lost lego blocks-  Sort Kids toys and store them for easier play time 

* Do you Crochet /knit ? Then, these bags are inexpensive way to store your yarns/Needles

* Does your kids diaper bags look cluttered ?  Just use an normal tote, sort  Cloth diapers, Change over cloths, Small snack boxes in these bags . 

 Size 8** inches

Please update us how you used these All Purpose cloth Bags :)