Which Diaper do I Choose?


Stay dry Fabric - Microsuede  
Waterproof material is PUL
ONE SIZE : Fits approximately from 4 -15kg

NEWBORN (0-3 months / 2.5kg - 6kg): 
Flat  cloth diapers are wonderful to have on hand for a newborn baby because they are so versatile.  These square flats are traditionally used for newborn babies as cloth diapers, but they also make wonderful burp cloths, newborn receiving blankets, bibs, and pretty much anything else that comes to your mind! 
For newborns, our favorite folds are both the "Jo" fold and the origami fold, both of which require a snappi fastener or diaper pin.  The Jo fold is quite adjustable and can be used on a newborn as well as a much older baby.  
Our super soft  bamboo cotton inserts are a luxurious insert choice. Made from bamboo cotton fabric  with 2 layers . When folded our insert can provide 6 layers of thirsty bamboo absorbency. This insert  can fit from New born to toddler stage. Use it a flat or prefold in newborn and Use as a pocket diaper insert (great for overnight) when baby grows.
BABY /TODDLERS (4.5kg-15kg)
Typically flatsprefolds in the mornings (and consider this diaper free time. ) 
Other types work when you go out, for night time etc. Majorly people settle between AIOAI2 and Pockets.   

We recommend to buy one of each type and try out before you build the stash. A combination of AIO,AI2, Pocket would be ideal to try to start with. TRY OUR HAPPY COMBO PACK WITH DISCOUNT

Lets understand a bit more !
FLATS: As the name suggests, it is any flat piece of cloth that is folded and fastened with the help of a snappi/diaper pin. These need to be changed after every pee as they do not really hold much. Flats are best suited for a newborn

PREFOLDS: Prefolds are rectangular flats with an absorbent layer already sewn in. These hold a couple of more pees than what a flat diaper would

POCKET DIAPERS: Pocket diapers are diapers with a pocket opening in them where you can put the insert. their outer layer is PUL/TPU and inner is  stay dry layer. 

FAP - All-In-Ones (AIOs): AIOs are diapers with inserts sewn in already. They have a PUL/TPU outer and the inner can be of a variety of fabrics like organic cotton, microfibre topped with microsuede or microfleece etc.
Trim design with snap buttons to adjust rise to Xs, S, M or L size. Great diaper to send to day care or for anyone who thinks cloth diapers are "too complicated!" Simply snap on baby and go. It's that easy!

MARVY - All-In-Twos or Hybrids: These are diapers shells with snap on inserts. These cloth diapers are very versatile and easy to use. Soft bamboo cotton inner lining wicks moisture away and keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable.No diaper cover required. No stuffing required.