Monsoon Combo - 1 POCKET DIAPER SHELL + PACK of 3 FLATS + WETBAG (with randomn prints)
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                          WHY THIS COMBO? 

  • Pocket shell and flats dries quickly.
  • Flats can be used as insert in the pocket.
  • When flats are used in pocket it gives stay dry feel  to the baby.
  • Flats can be used in different folds separately like Jo fold ,origami fold etc
  • For over night: use with  Marvy hemp /bamboo cotton inserts.


  • Pocket cloth diaper system consists of an outer waterproof shell lined with soft micro suede. Micro suede material wicks moisture away and keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable. Waterproof shell(PUL/Minky) has a pocket opening where you stuff it with cloth diaper inserts for absorbency (diaper inserts are sold separately).
    Reusable pocket cloth diaper has trim design with snap buttons to adjust rise to  S, M or L size. Hip snaps to help prevent wing drooping. Fits babies 3-15kg.
  • Pocket diapers are a modern approach to cloth diapering that is quickly becoming mainstream for a very important reason - they work, they're cute and they are better for the environment than throwaway paper diapers (disposables).
  • Flat muslin cloth diapers are wonderful to have on hand for a newborn baby because they are so versatile.  These square muslin flats are traditionally used for newborn babies as cloth diapers, but they also make wonderful burp cloths, newborn receiving blankets, bibs, and pretty much anything else that comes to your mind!  Muslin is very absorbent, dries quickly, and can be folded up for a very trim fit because it is a very lightweight material, so it is ideal for cloth diapering your baby.  The beauty of a flat of this size (27" x 27" after washing) is that you can use the same diaper on your baby for many, many months.  These flats are truly one-size diapers.                                
  • There are many, many ways to fold these cloth diapers, and there is no one "right" way; each mother finds a fold that works best for her baby.  For newborns, our favorite folds are both the "Jo" fold and the origami fold, both of which require a snappi fastener or diaper pin.  The Jo fold is quite adjustable and can be used on a newborn as well as a much older baby.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • You may also fold the muslin into thirds and use it as you would a prefold diaper folded into a cover.  If you need more absorbency, you can add an extra liner or you can make a double layer by folding two muslin squares together.  You can also use muslin flats folded up and placed inside of pocket diapers as quick-drying inserts for older babies.
   WET BAGS ( randomn prints will be sent)
     CDS  our very own “ Wetbags” crafted with care &  made ‘in house', keeping your TRAVEL NEEDS in  mind.
The single zipper  holds the soiled diapers. And don’t you worry, CDS promises that the fresh ones remain fresh and will NOT catch neither the odour nor the dampness from the soiled ones.- it’s our promise to your baby.Als0 for the single zipper, throw in that huge stash of your family’s wet clothes while on a travel.
And did we hear you say, that you are done with diapering? Well, our wet bags are versatile as ever. Use them to stash away your Active wear- be they your swim suit or your Gym or sports wear. An yes, our wet bags slip into yourhand bags pretty easily and do not leave any odour behind in your hand bags or Work bag.