Charcoal Bamboo - Mama Cloth Pads Size M
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Mama Pads Size M

Size :  25 cm * 19 Cm

Coloured Layer  : PUL (water proof) 

Top Layer :  Charcoal 

There are one layer for Microfiber Terry .


This is Ideal for Day Pads, Light flow days or Lighter night flow.. 

Washing Instruction :

Soak/Rinse in cold water till water comes out clean.  

You  may add them to the wash load with other cloths 

If you prefer to wash them separately, simply put your pads in the washer and allow them to soak in COLD water for 30 minutes. Then spin out the water and wash the pads on COLD. Use a very small amount of detergent, about 1-11/2 Tsp should do. You don't want a detergent build up on your pads. Tumble dry or line dry according to the manufacturer's directions. We recommend using Krya or Rustic Art detergent as it is fragrance-free  and cause less build up issues.